If you need an installation with basic support, you are suggested to run the following commands:

apt-get install python-setuptools xmount ewf-tools afflib-tools sleuthkit
pip install imagemounter
imount --check

The latter command will list all other packages you could install to expand the capabilities of imagemounter.

Python packages

This package does not require other packages, though the termcolor package is recommended if you are using the imount command line utility with the --color argument.

If you wish to use pytsk3 support, you require python-dev and libtsk-dev. For compilation, the build-essential package from your distribution is also required. After that, you can easily install the pytsk3 package from PyPI (pip requires the --pre flag to allow installing the package).

Other dependencies

This package highly depends on other utilities to be present on your system. For a full installation, you require more tools. You can run imount --check to get a full list of all required tools.

A basic installation contains at least one of the mount tools. Highly recommended is also fsstat, others are required for specific file system types.

You can install vmware-mount by installing VMware Workstation on your system.